A Must Read If You Own an Incorporated Business

One of the books that I’ve read recently may not strike you as very interesting, but if you own your own business, this is information you absolutely need to know. I recently found out that just because your business is “incorporated,” you aren’t automatically a valid corporation in the eyes of the IRS or people [...]

LifeHack- Spending less time at the Pharmacy

The last time I went to the pharmacy, I ended up waiting in line for 30 minutes. It was at that point I decided I needed to find a better way. So, I’ve done a little research on how to speed up this process, and I wanted to share it with you, my lovely readers. [...]

Enter to win- The Millionaire Maker Game!

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Running out of content ideas? Check this out!

One of the biggest online challenges is to generate refreshing and popular content, post after post after post.  It gets tiring and soon you hit a block. 9 out of 10 bloggers complain of writer’s block.  Generating traffic, battling technology, marketing, product launches and social media are big concerns.  But their biggest problem is generating high-quality [...]

4 Reasons I Use Paypal v. Other Credit Card Processing

Paypal has become a household name.  Most people associate it with purchasing things on Ebay, but it has so much more to offer than you may be aware.  Paypal also has another arm to their company called Paypal Here.  There are many benefits of using PayPal and Paypal Here over other online credit processing companies.  1.  Inexpensive: [...]

Four Things Personal Finance Can Do For Your Health

Personal finance might seem like a dry subject, and certainly not related to health and wellness, but hear me out: What if you could organize your financial life in such a way so as to reduce your level of stress?  The best thing about personal finance is that it is largely under your control.  From budgeting [...]

4 Simple Life Hacks to Keep Money In Your Wallet

  Recently, I brought you 5 simple checking and savings life hacks that you can use to keep your money where it belongs (in your possession). So in light of that, I thought it would be appropriate to pass along 4 more life hacks that help protect the money in your wallet. They may be small adjustments [...]

Personal Finance: Three Steps to Simple Savings

Sometimes when life feels overwhelming you may think that having more money can be the answer to all your woes. However, if someone can start up a company as a working poor individual, then you can make your dreams come true with less too. So, let’s take this as a springboard to take a look [...]